Dwaine Carver

Dwaine is a designer, arts and cultural planner, and public artist specializing in the integration of art and design. His architecture has received numerous awards and is published in Architectural Record, Sunset, How, and Sun Valley Art magazines and most recently featured in the University of Washington Press book, Daylight Design in the Pacific Northwest.

As an artist and planner, Dwaine has created and exhibited work throughout the region. His works range from the Arts Master Plan for Boise Public Works WaterShed Education Center to permanent public sculptures such as “Heliotrope,” “Historic Sight: Boise Chinatown” and “The Jesus Urquides Memorial.” His work is distinguished by numerous grants and competition awards and include permanent works in downtown Boise as well as installations and exhibits at Sun Valley Center for the Arts and Humanities, the Visual Arts Center at Boise State University, J Crist Gallery and Rhode Island School of Design.

Dwaine is an Affiliate Associate Professor of Architecture at the University of Idaho and a lecturer for the Department of Art at Boise State University. He has been a guest critic at numerous institutions including Rhode Island School of Design, University of Pennsylvania and Harvard University.

Dwaine is a graduate of Harvard University Graduate School of Design and holds Fine Arts and Architecture degrees from Rhode Island School of Design. He is a developed communicator committed to open, creative processes. He combines his interpretive abilities with sensitivity to site, materials and concepts that enable the collaborative creation of outstanding environments and experiences.

You may reach Dwaine at: dcarver@ctystudio.com

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